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We are a business management company​ focused on excellence. Know more about us on this page.

Naive Cactus Business Ventures is a nimble and focused Business Management company operating in geographical areas
called DELMARVA, These areas include Maryland (around Baltimore), Virginia (surrounding Washington DC) and Delaware (around Philadelphia, PA). We specialize in effective management, and take pride in excellence in business operations. We generate profits through efficiencies and share the bounties with our human resources. Our Philosophy is "purposeful business" and we don't think "companies are people".

Why Naive Cactus?

Cactus grows in desert and not in gardens. By common standards, its not a beautiful plant in itself, but produces stunningly beautiful flowers. It's needs are very limited, as it can sustain itself on limited water, yet it's existence gives hope to others that there is some moisture around. And Cactus is naive becuase it thinks it can green the desert, & its audacity never ends.

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