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Terms and Conditions

Naive Sprint flexible cancellation policy allows you to cancel your reservation without a fee up to a certain time before your scheduled pickup, depending on the location. The free cancellation before 24 hours.. Cancellations after these times are subjected to a fee.

Grace time is 15 minutes, after arriving at location on time and waited for Grace time (Waiting for more than 15 minutes) , driver has right to authorize "No Show" and full fare will be charged. If Client still wants Driver to wait after 15 minutes of extra waiting, (starting from first minute) Client must pay $1/minute for waiting time.

In case of service is not provided due to wrong Vehicle was booked. Client will be charged full fare. if Driver arrives and finds out If Client exceeds the capacity of Passengers or Luggage/Bag at the time of Pick up, For sedan: Max 4 Passengers and Max 2 suitcases and 2 small bags (Also mentioned at the time of booking) and For SUV:  Max 7 Passengers and Max 4 suite cases or 8 small bags or a combination thereof, (Also mentioned at the time of booking)

There's no guarantee for Reservation if it's reserved in less than 24 hours of a pick up time. Please call us at 1-(800)-211-0605 for less than 24 hours Reservation.

Naive Sprint keeps the right to cancel any reservation at anytime due to any unforeseen reasons.

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